Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sidenote: Programming blogs

Anyone else just love reading programming blogs? Recently I've take up reading a few programming blogs quite a bit at home (and at work too :P)

Its very enthralling to read older posts from high level bloggers from high tech companies. Some of my favorites are:

  • The Old New Thing by Raymond Chen always gives good insight into how microsoft works and how we've come up with the product we all know and love / hate.
  • Coding Horror by Jeff Atwood speaks about the lots of meta-programming stuff, stuff about comptuers that programmers are likely to be interested in, sometimes tips he posts tips on design too.
  • Joel On Software by Joel Spolsky speaks alot about management of programmers, everything from how to hire, sell your product and how to treat programmers at work.
These are my favorite 3 as they are all light and easy reading, but with lots of thought provoking information. Everytime I visit each of their blogs I end up learning something.

Do you have any favorite programming / tech blogs?