Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Parallell Programming

So how do we take advantage of all these processors and cores that we keep getting more and more of? Parallell programming!

This can be hard. It can be difficult to properly utilize processors to divide work up and share it equally.

Most paralell programs go something like this:

Divide work up
Create memory locks
Have individual processors / threads perform the work
Consolidate the data from each processor / thread.

Gonna look into how to do this using MPI, pthreads and Java in the next few days.


  1. Bookmarked, because I would like to know myself.

  2. Oooh, I understand your future pain. Working with parallel MATLAB computations atm

  3. i believe this stuff is hard

  4. great info! im looking to switch my major from electrical to software engineering. any advice?

  5. <still uses a single core laptop
    I fail

  6. While the programming aspect is a bit over my head - as a gamer who recently built a 6 core machine - I'm eager for programs to start REALLY taking advantage of the newest technology.

  7. @ MJ I think becoming a software engineer you will find life a little easier than being an electrical engineer. At leas based on what I see at my campus. Software engineers have it a little easier than the electrical engineering folks

  8. Yeah I have an i5 and I feel like not all that many programs take advantage of that :S

  9. I´m really into this topic. I´m expecting more on it. Followed!!!