Monday, February 21, 2011

Unboxing and Installation in pictures and screenshots

Small environmentally friendly packaging

Another view

Opened Box

Ooooooh! Stickers and instructions

The only question now is where do I stick it?(Don't answer that)
The Device!

Other bits and pieces.

32.768Khz Micro Crystal

The board out of the package

The USB Cable isn't that long though, meaning I'll have to stick it on top of my computer.

You can see why I'm not too pleased about that.

Code Compser the IDE based on eclipse
Home Screen for Code Composer

Home Screen for IAR

For under $5.00 I'm pleased with what came in the box. You get a USB cable to connect to your PC with, and extra processor (in case you fry the one on the board) a Micro Crystal (which I'm not quite sure what that is as yet though) and two of what seem to be connectors, possibly to allow you to add extra external devices.

Strangely enough you need to register to download Code Composer for government purposes (I guess they don't want you making bombs out of it or something). Additionally Code Composer is only a 30 day evaluation unless you buy a license. I couldn't find pricing information for the license immediately on the TI website, but I'll hunt for it later. That is somewhat saddening that TI didn't make the software available for free, afterall it is based on the eclipse IDE with a bunch of other tools added on.

Additionally there is the IAR Embedded Workbench IDE. That was for free, but it doesn't seem to have as many features as Code Composer.

Now that my environment is setup time to figure out how to get code on this thing.


  1. Great deal for that money.
    Like all the photos you took, good job. Keep updating!

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  3. good information man, hope your going to post more about it


  5. What is the purpose of this Chip!

  6. Clean your room!
    And then get going on that cod composing, that all seems like an incredibly good deal for 5 bucks.

  7. @ FrenchToast: I kinda did clean it halfway a few days ago, what you're seeing is the result of me stopping halfway.

    @Mrjojo: check out some of the previous posts

    More coming soon

  8. Lower than 5$? Now I'm officialy jealous.

  9. I love unboxing. I often don't get the luxury. Most of what I get is already opened.

  10. Wow I didn't know you had to register with the Feds for Code Composer, seems like that opens the door to the govt. being able to "unregister" you at any time and "aquire" your codes. Great stuff, man following from now on!

  11. That looks sexy, and a decent price, nice

  12. wouw nice! nice job on the pictures!

  13. that's cheap for a board like that. where did you get that kind of deal?

  14. @Raw: Its from TI

  15. Greensleeves, huh??
    I don't know what a launch pad does =/ I'm definitely interested in reading more =D

  16. dude you need to get some newer gaming systems