Sunday, February 20, 2011

MSP430 LaunchPad

So today I got the launchpad MSP430 and I plan to come up with a range of fun projects to work on with it. I have some prior experience through a class using a Make board, but that was 2 years ago so I'm going to be starting fresh.

Currently I own 2 MSP430's which I got from ti for under $5.00US! Link here

Took about 2 months to get them since demand was high. I got them around September last year, but they've been sitting on my shelf ever since. Time to power them up though and put them to good use!


  1. I may have to go buy one now. Watched the demo video and I'm sold.

  2. Not really for me
    But Looks pretty slick

  3. Cool! I'd get this if I already didn't have an Arduino.